The Best Carpet Cleaning Practices: Vancouver carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is among the biggest areas that home owners face a lot of confusion, deciding which method to use for your carpet cleaning needs a little knowledge on the best methods in use today, their pros and cons. With this kind of knowledge, you can be able to make an informed decision on the which method is right for you. This article should help you decide which method suits you best. Generally, carpet cleaning is categorized into two broad categories that is, dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Then there are specific methods that you can apply depending on the category you choose. The article will explain six of the most widely used methods you can use clean and maintain the quality of your carpet: absorbent compound, absorbent pad, dry foam, rotary shampoo, encapsulation and hot water extraction. Please be sure to visit our favorite local carpet cleaning provider here: carpet cleaning vancouver.


Absorbent Carpet Cleaning Compound

This method requires very little in terms of the chemicals and equipment used, absorbent compound method uses a highly absorbent compound dampened with water and cleaning solvents. The mixture is spread over the carpet by hand or using a spreading machine. Then a machine fixed with rotating brushes is used to rub the carpet and agitate the compound into the carpet fibers and left to settle for short time, around 10 – 15 minutes. Soils in the carpet are absorbed into the compound and then the compound is vacuumed up.



– It is a simple system that requires no technical training.

– The method has fast drying. It takes a few minutes for the carpet to be back in service.

– Covers a large area in a short amount of time.



– The powder used can be trapped in the carpet fibers and can build up over time.

– It is cheap on operating cost but the chemicals are expensive.


Absorbent Cleaning Pad

Also referred to as bonnet cleaning, this method is key for maintenance cleaning, although some homeowners and companies use it for primary cleaning. This system uses a rotary floor machine that is fitted with an absorbent towel or pad (bonnet) on the underneath of the spinning drive of the machine. Before the bonnets are used, a special treatment is applied to the carpet.


The treatment is a water-based formula that helps in the cleaning and drying process. The rotary machine is the used to agitate the cleaning solution and absorb it to the pad. Once the pad is soiled, it should be replaced with another one until the carpet is clean. The pad should be replaced before it becomes saturated and unable to pick up more dirt. Bonnet cleaning uses a variety of chemicals but mostly uses encapsulate.



– The method is inexpensive.

– Dries quickly

– Little water is used



– Flan limited extraction abilities thus can lead to build up of residues.

– Has no deep cleaning abilities.


Dry Foam

It is a low moisture method that has been used for decades. This method uses a rotary floor machine that has a pipe that injects a chemical into the carpet. The agitation of the spinning brush causes the chemical to foam. As the brush rotates the soils and debris in the carpet are suspend and extracted with a vacuum.



– The method does not require extensive training.

– Dries fast. Only a small amount of moisture is used.

– Rotating brushes have a perfect agitation to remove the soil particles.



– Complete remove of soil is hard to achieve.

– Can damage the carpet due to the agitation.



This is a new innovative way of cleaning a carpet. This system can be used together with other different cleaning methods. This system uses special polymers that encapsulates the particles of soil on contact. Also the chemicals used dissolves the greases and oils in the carpet. A special machine is used to agitate the solution into the carpet fibers. Once the solution dries it form crystals that encapsulates the soil particles. Then a vacuuming machine is used to extract the crystals. This is a great method for maintenance cleaning.



– Has fast drying.

– It is relatively economical.



– Has limited cleaning ability.


Rotary shampoo

This method was in use long time ago but rarely in use today. This method used a high foaming solution which was applied onto the carper and run into the fibers. The solution was then extracted with a wet vacuum.



– Compared to today’s methods, rotary shampooing has no practical advantage.



– Long drying times.

– Has limited cleaning ability.


Hot water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the most popular method in carpet cleaning. The method is widely used and recommended in the industry. First, a thorough vacuuming is done to remove at the soil particles from the carpet.Also in order to break down the oils and greases a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet. The rotary brush machine or a grooming brush is used to agitate the cleaning solution to improve the cleaning ability. The soil and the solution is then properly cleaned from the carpet using a pressured hot water with a powerful wet vacuum.

The steam cleaners and extractor are framed together into a single unit. Most professionals use a truck mounted unit. However, there are also portable steam cleaners and extractors which operate on the same principles but with reduced water pressure, vacuum and heat. Also their efficiency cannot be matched with the mounted truck type machine.

After proper rinsing is done, it is recommended that a quality carpet protector be applied to the carpet since the factory protector is possibly worn off.



– Recommended by carpet manufactures as it is the most effective carpet cleaning method.

– Allows use of high pressures, temperatures and chemicals.

– No build up of residues. The strong rinse phase ensures all the particles are removed. This assures proper deep cleaning.

– Most widely used method.

– Removes the particles from deep down the carpet.



– Unlike other cleaning methods, it requires a longer dry time.

– Expensive equipment is also required.


Also hiring the right professionals for the job is helpful to ensure a beautiful and carpets. The detergents used also is something worth considering. Some of the chemicals used can have strong smell that may cause discomfort.




How to Take Proper Care of Your Carpet

Having a carpet installed in your home is a big expense, which is why you’ll need to properly maintain your carpet so it lasts for years. Having a clean carpet also means you and the other members of your household are living in a healthy environment.

While it’s recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week or every two weeks, depending on the foot traffic your carpet receives on a daily basis, regular vacuuming alone isn’t going to help maintain your carpets cleanliness. Of course, vacuuming your carpet regularly does help. It keeps the dirt from becoming embedded into the carpet fibers. For carpet areas that receive lots of foot traffic, slowly move the vacuum back and forth over it and side to side at least seven times. You can do fewer in areas that receive less foot traffic.

Carpet cleaning rhode island doesn’t stop at mere vacuuming. There are other carpet cleaning methods for properly maintaining and caring for carpets. One of the more popular carpet cleaning methods is shampooing. With this method, you spray a shampoo solution onto the carpet to loosen and absorb deep down dirt. Let the carpet dry before vacuuming. Another popular carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning, which uses a steam-cleaning machine. A liquid-based Cleaning agent is used and this works to bring up the deep-seated dirt to the surface.

Shampooing and steam cleaning are effective ways of getting the dirt, debris, and other residues out of the carpet. But you also need to contend with carpet stains. No matter how hard you try, there’s no way to avoid stains. At some point, someone is going to walk on the carpet wearing muddy shoes, spill a drink or drop food. What do you do then? The key is the quick response: as soon as a stain hits the carpet, try to get it out quickly. The longer liquid is left on the carpet, the more it will set in and will be harder to get out.

However, when cleaning carpet stain, avoid rubbing the carpet fibers. Instead, try blotting up any of the extra liquids as much as you possibly can. If you rub the carpet, the fibers will weaken and it may create a worn spot. You can use commercial carpet cleaners to remove stains in your carpet but homemade remedies work just as well, and they’re inexpensive too. For instance, use club soda to blot up a stain. Place a few drops of club soda on the stained area and use a clean dry cloth for blotting. For removing oil spots, sprinkle some baking soda and corn starch on the area and leave it for a few minutes before vacuuming. To remove coffee and chocolate stains, use vinegar.

Its important that you know how to clean your carpet once it gets dirty, but it’s also important that you know simple things to keep your carpet clean. For instance, make your home “shoe free.” Make it a rule for everyone entering your home or any carpeted area in your home to remove their shoes at the door. However, while shoes can ruin carpets, bare feet can also do the same. So along with your “shoe free” home rule, add in another rule: the “socks and slippers only” rule. Ask household members to wear either socks or slippers in the house.

If you don’t have it already, buy an entrance mat and place it by the front door. Get a big enough entrance mat that anyone entering your home will be able to get in, wipe their shoes, close the door and take their shoes off. It’s a good idea to put a mat outside the door too. People can wipe off the larger dirt particles before they enter. Keep a close eye on these mats, though. They do have their saturation point. When your mats are no longer able to hold any more dirt, the dirt is going to enter your house and land on your carpet anyway.

Remember to maintain and care for your carpets. It’s much more expensive to replace a ruined carpet than putting some effort into keeping it clean and well cared for.